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Everest Base Camp Trek &  Tour Information getting gradually crowded these days, however, a must-visit tourist destination. And once is not enough. A classical and legendary trekking trail that is known to the world. Every global travelers’ dream, Everest Trekking.

“Have you ever been to Nepal? Oh Yeh. Which trek did you make? Everest. Wow!! Really? Awesome. Me too did it but I really want to do it again.”

Everest Trekking is stepping one’s foot on the base camp of the Top of the World, Mt. Everest and witnessing breathtaking mountain views with the thrills of adventure.

Everest trekking is not only popular for mountain views but the adventure lovers will experience alpine flora and faunas in Sagarmatha National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

It is also a trip to Sherpa kingdom which offers us some amazing insights of Sherpa culture and their way of life.

Everest Trekking is always beyond our anticipation. This mysterious and mighty kingdom of Himalayas have always been the matter of exploration but never succeeded.

Thousands of tourists from different countries go to Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lake region trekking to uncover the mysteries of Holy Himalayas.

Meals and Accommodations

Meals on Everest Trekking are offered according to items mentioned on the menus of the guest house. There may not be all variety of items as in a facilitated hotel and restaurant in the big cities. We have to find something suitable item among the items listed in the menu and order it. Most popular items of food they offer: Nepali Dal Bhat Set, Tibetan Bread, Toast,  Noodles with vegetables and so on. But, in Namche and Lukla, relatively hotels and guests are more equipped and they can sometimes offer you the food of your choice. Otherwise, at the higher elevation, expect to have normal food item. A single meal cost 2- 7 dollars.

We have normal accommodation in the mountain. The beds are clean but during Oct- Nov., one has to struggle hard to find accommodation because of a big population of tourists in the region.  There are different types of accommodations such as single, double and also they get dormitory which is the cheapest one but it is not recommended. Sometimes, the tourist may have to spend the night at dining too. The bathrooms will normally be outsides of the living room. You will hardly get an attached accommodation above Namche Bazar.

To solve these problems,  be accompanied by professional trekking partner and trekking team of Nepali people.

Festivals and Monastery

 A number of festivals are celebrated in this highland of Khumbu or Everest Region. They have interesting festivals to be observed all around the year. The notable festivals celebrated by the people of Everest Region: Mani Rimbu Festival and Dumje Festival.

Mani Rimbu Festival: This is  Buddhist festival celebrated by Sherpa community of Everest region. It is observed on the victory of victory of Buddhism over Bon-Po religion. Basically, this festival is held by the monasteries.

The Mani Rimbu festival is a festival of color and noise. The performances are presented by holy monks of Chiwong and Tengboche Monastery portraying the triumph of Buddhism over Bon religion. This festival is annually observed at Tengboche monastery. The festival lasts for three days. Mani Rimdu  at Tengboche starts on the full moon of November. Monks perform religious hymns and rituals for the celebrations.

Dumje  Festival: Dumje Festival is celebrated honoring the anniversary of famous religious guru Rimpoche. The Sherpa community in Everest region of Nepal observes this festival.  It is also known as a masked festival. A grand performance is presented annually in the village temple of Gonpa Zhung, Solukhumbu.

Playing traditional musical instruments, the monks are masked with different disguises and they perform a dance. This festival can be observed in different places of Everest region such as Junbesi of Solukhumbu and Tengboche, Namche bazaar, Khumjung, and Pangboche of Khumbu Region. The festival lasts for the total of 4 days and falls in the month of May or June every year.

Every individual is dressed well and prepare special dishes and drinks. They rejoice gathering around the monastery. Monks are found chanting prayers playing drums. They worship the deities as if they are doing meditation.

Tengboche Monastery is a popular monastery in Everest region. The monastery is surrounded with a lush forest of Sagarmatha National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This historical monastery is encircled by many walls. There is a huge statue of Shakyamuni Buddha. The serene and calm environment of the monastery offers spiritual feeling to the visitors.

The paintings inside the wall of the monastery really amaze one.

Everest Guided tour and porter support

Guided tour to Everest Region with a trekking leader and porter will be convenient. If we hire guide and porter, everything will be handled by the guide and porter. The guide will do all the arrangements like flights, accommodation, serve meals and will do a systematic plan of the entire trip. So, the trekkers do not have to worry about the trip. If anything wrong occurs, he will be there to assist you at any time. The porter will carry your luggage and walk next to you helping every step of your trek in the mountain. Thus, it is strongly recommended that if you are making Everest trekking, be with a guide and porter.

Besides, the guide explains about mountain peaks, preparations, and local culture too. So, the trekking is gonna be like an exciting visit.

The highest viewpoint of the trek

Kalapatthar is the highest vantage point of this trek which is located at the elevation of 5555m. It is normally windy in the morning. We climb Kalapatthar from Gorkha Shep early in the morning. It offers us breathtaking views of sunrise and mountain views including Pumori, Lhotse, Nupse and Everest, the top of the world.

How difficult Everest base camp tour

Since Everest Base Camp Trekking takes us at the elevation above 5 thousand meters, it is considered as a strenuous trekking. Gorakh Shep, Kalapatthar and Everest Base Camp are located above 5 thousand meters. For this trekking, one requires the stamina of walking 5-8 hours in a day. Strong determination and confidence are required. Before commencing the trek, we recommend you to do some exercise like short hiking.

How many days from Lukla to lukla

It takes 11 days from Lukla to Everest Base Camp and all the way back to Lukla. However, it depends on your acclimatization and interest of the tourist.

Everest trekking weather and flights

There is a sudden change in weather in Everest region and the flights get disturbed. Lukla airport is covered with big cloud and the visibility is poor. Normally, during winter, we have unfavorable weather condition and Everest flights either disturbed or postponed even sometimes for few days. So, it is recommended to have some spare days if you are traveling to Everest region.

How high we trek every day

We in average trek 4-5 hundred meters high each day. Relatively, in higher elevation, we trek less than at lower elevation. We can travel more than that but there may be altitude sickness.

Acute mountain sickness

We are going above 5 thousand meters. So, sometimes we may get acute sicknesses like altitude sickness or other kinds of health problems. These problems may occur due to an unfamiliar environment. To be specific, some health problems like a headache, stomach ache, and diarrhea and so on can occur due to water and foods on the mountain. To escape these problems, make sure that the water is safe and foods are hygienic and well cooked. Drink plenty of water and keep yourself warm. Have some ordinary medicine which acts as first aid.

Everest Trekking itinerary

Different tour and trekking operators in Nepal offer different Everest Trekking Itineraries according to the interest of the tourists. Normally, Everest Trekking can be accomplished in 14 days including the days of acclimatization. However, Itineraries like 10 days, 12 days and 11 days are also popular these days. So, we can ask the trek and tour operators in Nepal to redesign Everest Trekking Itinerary according to your interest and time frame.

Everest trekking cost

Everest Trekking Cost varies from U$D 20 to U$D 200 per day according to the itinerary you prefer and the services you want. Everest Trekking Cost also depends on Package Trekking or Non-Package Trekking. If you book with Nepal Base Camp Trek will be U$D 25 per day just hiring guide and U$D 55 per day package trip includes meals, accommodations, and guided expenses. Everest (Sagarmatha National Park ) entrance fees U$D 34 per head and Local community entrance fees U$D 20 per head include Nepal government 13% vat.

Everest package trek

Everest Package trek is different from the non-package trek. In package trek, we pay for everything before we begin our trip. It includes our foods, drinks(tea and coffee), accommodation, transportation, around flight fares, guide and porter and all required entry fees. So that we needn’t worry regarding frequent payment during the trek. That last will be handled by the guide or team leader.

Unlike that, non-package trekking to Everest Base Camp doesn’t include your foods and accommodation. But you have to pay for guide and porter before starting the trip. In non-package trekking, you choose the dishes according to your interest and you yourself make the payment for each dish and every kind of drinks.

Everest Guided Touring Price

Everest guided touring price will start from U$D22 from Lukla and U$D30 from Kathmandu .we highly recommend to take a guide from Kathmandu for much secure the trek.guide from Lukla are cheaper but not informative and now the way only. The guide from Kathmandu is government registered license holder and safe

Everest trekking route map

How will guide help you?

In order to make your trip memorable and convenient, you need to accompany with a guide. The guide takes all responsibility like booking flights and transportation,  arranging accommodation, ordering, and serving foods and, most importantly, explaining about mountain peaks and local culture. Similarly, the guide will assist in any sort of problem you face in the mountain. So that you lessen the risk factors during your trip.

How will porter help you?

Porter will carry your equipment to be carried in the mountain like your clothes, some light foods or snacks and so on in duffel backpack. They will carry maximum 18-20 kg. Besides, the porter will walk next to you and help you in many ways like passing the steep mountain, crossing the slippery rocky trail and so on.

Guide from Kathmandu and lukla

We can hire a guide from both Kathmandu and Lukla. But hiring guide from Lukla is not reliable and relatively costly too. They don’t belong to any company and are less responsible to their assigned tasks. Whereas hiring a guide from Kathmandu is reliable and cheaper too. If you join a company, the company will provide us reliable and responsible guide and if are making the trip on your own, then try to link with a company and request them to provide a reliable and professional guide to you. Thus, it is recommended to hire a guide from Kathmandu via a trekking and tour company rather than hiring from Lukla.

what is an option if flight cancelled?

Everest flights sometimes get delayed or concealed due to unfavorable weather condition. In such cases, either we have to travel by bus or car to Jiri either phaplu and trek to Everest Base Camp or sometimes, you can fly to Lukla by private helicopters. Thirdly, we can cancel the Everest trip and shift it to other region. But for the cancellation trip, you may not get the refund. The equivalent tour is offered.

how much per meal

Each meal you have will normally cost 3-8 dollars. Bread items and Nepali dishes normally cost less than other variety of dishes. You can choose the meal as you like. Sometimes, we may not get all the items of a meal we want.

why people want to trek Everest

Of course, it is a dream of the people to step their feet at the base camp of the top of the world and witnessing Mt. Everest and other neighboring giant snow-fed peaks dominating  the skyline.  They also want to learn a lot about hospitable Sherpa people and their culture at the same time. People are keen to be part of adventure stepping above 5 thousand meter high and want to experience thrills. Similarly, travelers prefer to experience holy monasteries, flora and fauna in Sagarmatha National Park too.

which Everest base camp is better (north in tibet and south in nepal)

Of course, Everest Base Camp in Nepal side is better than in Tibet side. Everest Base Camp  in Nepal side offers more magnificent views of snow fed peaks and comfortable too. This is the reality that every individual traveler prefer Everest Base Camp in Nepal’s side than Tibet side.

how to prepare to do Everest base camp trip

First of all, get ready with all sorts of equipment mentioned above in the list categorized differently. Secondly, do some light regular exercises before heading for the trip. It may consist of jogging and short hiking. At least try to have the stamina to walk 4- 8 hours a day in the mountain. If you have some health problems, please see the doctor and be suggested accordingly.  Be strong and confident and god knows

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